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TB48 Intake Manifold

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After market Nissan Patrol TB48 intake manifold.

These intake manifolds have been designed & tested all in house at RRD. Our manifolds are fully cast alloy & CNC machined for the right fit. Don't be fooled by copies on the market.

They are proven to give power gains on both non turbo / turbo engines. Our back to back dyno test was using a standard ECU management system & still using the standard air flow meter.

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Who are we?

We are your one stop shop for TB48 Performance parts. Our products include bolt on intake plenums, rods, pistons, turbochargers and full race engines ready for deliver! Here at TB48 Parts we test all of our products on our R&D cars which are put through heavy testing on the road, off the road and many hours on the dyno.

Please feel free to contact us via telephone to assist you in getting our product to you via SECURE freight.